Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Most Loved

Since my Festivus grievances have been aired, I figured I'd also share some things I absolutely love. So without further adieu:

You know how some people are baby obsessed? Well I'm dog obsessed. I love all animals in general (except cats), but I especially love dogs of all shapes and sizes. Every time I see a cute dog, I have to stop and pet him/her. I even love movies with dogs(WORLD'S GREATEST DAD, HOTEL FOR DOGS, I LOVE YOU MAN). I really didn't like the film DUE DATE, but I just loved the French Bulldog that co-starred. My heart also sank a bit when RDJ spit in his face. I do have a dog of my own and he is the love of my life. I plan on adopting more pooches in the future. Pugs happen to be my favorite breed. A fellow Pug enthusiast once told me that if you see a Pug, it means good luck.

Pumpkin might be the most delicious treat of all time. This is the time of year that I begin hoarding all things pumpkin. You name it, I love it: tea, beer, pie, bread, shampoo, air freshener, pancakes, ice cream, soup, muffins, shakes, and even seeds. I'm not a big coffee drinker, but I will go to town on some pumpkin lattes. My friend Alexis once made me the most heavenly pumpkin cheesecake ever. I also welcome recipes with pumpkin, so if you have any, pass them along.

I wouldn't consider myself a fashionista; I'll leave that to all the hipster Austinites. I'm very frugal when it comes to buying clothes. I have managed to acquire some reasonably stylish clothing from places like Ross, Target, and Marshalls. However, I will spend some cheese on a nice hangbag. For me, the handbag makes the ensemble. On a recent shopping excursion, Kenny remarked, "I don't understand the handbag thing." At that moment, a woman yelled at me from across the make-up counter, "I love your purse!" A woman could be wearing sweatpants, but if she's carrying a nice, classy bag she is not to be taken lightly.

Most of you are aware of my Halloween obsession. My decorating process is beginning earlier and earlier as the years go on. This year, I started putting decorations up on Labor Day. I would probably start sooner if the stores carried seasonal items all the time. I only took down the last of the outside decorations a couple days ago. And yes, I do have stuff that stays up year round. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, hands down. I ALWAYS dress up, sometimes in multiple costumes. I love the smell in the air, the candy, the costumes, the TV specials, and most of all the movies. When I was a kid, I always helped my mother decorate. She had the same corny decorations each year. It was always laughing pumpkins, cutesy kitties, and smiling bats. She didn't want to scare the neighborhood children. Now that I have my own household, my whole goal is to scare the shit out of every and anyone including myself.

Taco Bueno
I'm not a big fan of Mexican food to begin with. Growing up in South Texas, you tend to eat more than your share of Mexican food, especially if that's the only thing your mother can cook. Some of you highbrow foodies might condemn me for this but I kind of enjoy Mexican fast food. Taco Bueno happens to be the cream of the crop. I have yet to find a bad selection at Bueno. I enjoy everything from the seasonal tamales to the potato burrito. The lime cilantro rice is to die for and the prices are very inexpensive. Even their smoothies are muy delicioso!

I love tea, hot and cold. In the summer time I brew a lot of sweet tea with my Mr. Tea machine. In the winter time, I consume a ridiculous amount of hot tea with extra soy milk & honey. I love all kinds of flavors (mostly black teas) but in the AM it's usually English Breakfast. I'm not an elitist tea drinker by any means. I've found some tasty flavors at anywhere from Big Lots to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Now there's a new store in the mall that exclusively sells tea. Could I have started a trend?

It doesn't get too cold in Texas during the winters but it is cold enough for me. I get bored wearing pants all the time so I gotta break it up a bit. That is why I have a bountiful of tights and leggings. I love all different colors and patterns. I happen to have a very short torso but really long legs and tights are great for that figure. They're perfect to wear with skirts/shorts and boots. Betsey Johnson and Forever 21 carry a decent array but some of the best pairs I've found came from the ghetto Dollar Store. Those last longer than the $5 pair I have from Target. Tights are also a fun way to add color to a mostly black wardrobe.

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