Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Order

Well, it’s been more than a week since I went to Dallas with Ruth & John to see New Order and I am still reeling in excitement. I’ve talked about my love for New Order before so you can imagine what a big deal this was for me. New Order hasn’t been to the US in almost a decade and I’m sure it’s been a lot longer since they’ve actually been to Texas. This show was only one of seven dates on this tour. Sure it was way too crowded and hot, but it was well worth it. We did see a few idiots wearing Joy Division t-shirts as expected and I’m certain there were more than a few people there who could only count two New Order songs. For a band who's been around for over 30 yrs, they sound great. It’s nearly impossible to put into words what a wonderful time we had.

Last fall I flew to San Francisco to see Peter Hook perform Joy Division’s second album, Closer. As memorable as that show was, it still felt very bittersweet. I recall saying immediately afterwards, “well that’s probably as close as I will ever come to seeing New Order.”

Fast forward to Friday, October 12, 2012, and it still felt like I was dreaming. It didn’t really register until they played Bizarre Love Triangle. It’s funny because Bizarre Love Triangle and Blue Monday are probably my least favorite New Order songs since they are the most overplayed. However, I used to sneak into the local gay bar back home with my fake ID to dance the night away to Bizarre Love Triangle when I was only 15 yrs old. I was also dancing to a lot of Pretty Hate Machine era Nine Inch Nails, but that’s a whole other story all together. Who would have thought, years & years later, I’d actually be dancing while New Order played that very song.

My all time favorite New Order song is by far Regret which they did not play. They have such an extensive catalog, it’s nearly impossible to narrow down a set list. The show went on for well over an hour & a half. I still feel like there are so many more songs I’d like to see performed. The encore consisted of four Joy Division songs. The Joy Division tribute was mesmerizing, but secretly I was wishing for more New Order songs. I already saw those songs performed once before, but I think everyone else really appreciated it nonetheless. It’s not always about me and honestly I cannot complain.


Age of Consent
Love Vigilantes
Here to Stay
Your Silent Face
Bizarre Love Triangle
5 8 6
True Faith
The Perfect Kiss
Blue Monday

Love Will Tear Us Apart

I really tried hard not to cry. I will admit that I did get a bit emotional during Your Silent Face and I just couldn’t help it by the time they played Temptation. I guarantee you there was not a dry eye in the building once Atmosphere started. The haunting video by Anton Corbijn playing in the background was beyond eerie. The videos of the show online do no justice because the energy at this show was completely exhilarating. Ruth got some good pics that you can find on her tumblr page. I didn’t get a chance to take photos; such are the perils of being short. You might hear Ruth and I screaming like school girls in these videos so be prepared. The live projections and lighting only added to the captivating concert. All the flashing images of Ian Curtis and Joy Division really gave me chills.

I've been fortunate enough to see most of my favorite artists live. I've see Elvis Costello & Billy Bragg on several occasions. Just this year I got to see Jesus and Mary Chain. This concert is definitely on the top of my list along with Prince and Descendents (1997). It was truly an experience I will remember forever. Now if I could just see The Replacements, The Clash, and Jawbreaker my list will be complete. I won't hold my breath on those.

Special thanks to Ruth & John for accompanying me. No thanks to all the football fans attending TX/OU Weekend while we were in Dallas.