Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

Everyone knows Halloween is my favorite time of year. I usually go apeshit crazy with decorations, treats, scary movies, and costumes. This year was no exception. However, this season seemed much more exciting than usual. Maybe it was the Halloween tree in our living room or the CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON 3D screening at Alamo. I don't know, I just felt more Halloween magic in the air than ever before. Halloween weekend landed on the weekend of Austin Comic Con making it that much busier for us. Here's a recap of the events:

Friday, we went to the Alamo Drafthouse to see a new documentary about the Bones Brigade. If you're not familiar with the Bones Brigade then you're probably not a skater. This skating team was a big deal in the early 1980s. They are the stuff of legends now. Most tricks you see on Tony Hawk Pro Skater were invented by this remarkable group of men. This screening included a very special Q&A with Bones Brigade team members Lance Mountain and Rodney Mullen! It was really exciting to see these two men who I watched countless videos of growing up. This total sausage fest turned into a real emotional tearjerker by the end. You see, dudes that are into skating, are REALLY into skating. For most of them, it's not just a hobby, but more of a lifestyle. I really recommend this doc even if you don't know much about the sport. It's a very moving testimonial about doing what you love and having passion for life. If anything, I left this film feeling more adoration for Mullen & Mountain. They made successful careers out of a once overlooked sport. Rodney Mullen is a truly inspiring individual who borderlines on Rain Man status. He's probably the most humble and soft spoken man I have ever seen. The world needs more role models like this as opposed to other athletes who've been convicted of rape, murder, assault, steroid abuse, animal cruelty, or adultery.

Saturday and Sunday we spent most of the day at Austin Comic Con. This is such a fun event every year! I really enjoy the people watching that comes with Comic Con. Obviously, it is not of the same caliber of SDCC, but it's a good time nonetheless. I admit I was extrememly disappointed that James Marsters (aka Spike from Buffy) cancelled last minute. I still got to go to the Eliza Dushku panel. She's really pretty in person. The Walking Dead panel w/ the Dixon Brothers was really fun. Michael Rooker is a complete lunatic. It's nice to see him back on the show. Norman Reedus is much more attractive in person and I admit I have a tiny crush. I guess that's what happens when you wipe off all that zombie juice off him. I picked up a totally sweet Walking Dead print by local artist, Cody Schibi. If you haven't checked out his stuff, please do. It's awesome! It was a good time and I look forward to next year!

This year, I decided to throw a Halloween party at our house. I made all kinds of Halloween themed treats such as spiderweb pumpkin cheesecake, finger shaped pumpkin cookies, cupcakes, deviled eggs, and dip. Ross made some very tasty salsa and Chris P made delicious veggie stuffed mushrooms. The best costume award went to Jason D. for his incredible rendition of Jabba the Hutt. D. Beth was an excellent Han Solo to compliment Jabba. Spike and I decided to be the Dynamic Duo. I think he emmulated Christian Bale a litte too much because he was a cranky Batman. I was hoping for more of an Adam West Batman. Michelle was a very convincing Tyler Durden, Chris was his alter ego Luchador, and Vince was a scary Surgical Technician (like every other day). I was even impressed that resident curmudgeon, Uncle Kenny, dressed up. He made a surly-but-cute Ryan Reynolds...I mean Green Lantern!

I am really glad Hurricane Sandy didn't stop too many people from celebrating Halloween. I wish a speedy recovery to everyone on the East Coast. Special thanks to everyone who dressed up and came out to our party. We had a fabulous time. Hope to see you all next year!

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