Monday, July 2, 2012


I didn't see this film in the theater because I had a bad feeling about it. Once again, my gut was right. We went to a special screening of WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER last year with Joe Lo Truglio and he mentioned this film that David Wain wrote. He said he was playing a nudist at this hippy commune. I wasn't sure what to make of it. The State people are probably the funniest group of comedians I have ever seen. Most of the time their films are gold, i.e. THE BAXTER, ROLE MODELS, and THE TEN. Unfortunately, this film did not measure up to any of those films. I really hope this next project (THEY CAME TOGETHER) Wain is working on turns out better. WANDERLUST is filled with asinine jokes that totally miss the mark. This was the only funny part: I'm just gonna go ahead and say it: Jennifer Aniston was the weakest link in this film. I've only seem a couple films in which she starred and she's the same character in each. The attractive yet sardonic love interest. She played the same character in OFFICE SPACE and LEPRECHAUN. It was very obvious that she was the odd man out in this otherwise incredible cast. It also pains me to think that as a result of this shitty movie, Aniston developed a relationship with the beloved Justin Theroux. I generally try to avoid actors/directors personal lives. However, while researching various films, I tend to come across a lot of this fodder. I've been a big fan of Theroux since MULHOLLAND DRIVE so I have developed an affinity for him that supersedes other actors (he's no Gary Oldman though) I enjoy. He was an accomplished writer long before Aniston came along. I just can't support an artist who built their name on a haircut (a very bad haircut at that).

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  1. I finally watched this movie last night. It was were correct. I'm thinking of rewatching The Baxter so I can get this sour taste out of my mouth that Wanderlust has left behind.

    Of course, for as disappointing as this film was, I did enjoy seeing Ken Marino's air-quote apology. I may incorporate that move into my repertoire.