Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Harold Ramis

Yesterday was a sad day for film fans. Anyone who grew up in the 1980s owes a great deal of thanks to Harold Ramis for so many fun times. I know I certainly do.

I'm not gonna pretend like my childhood was any tougher than the next person because it's hard being a kid no matter who you are. Every speed bump feels like the world is coming down on you. During those tough times, Harold Ramis’ films always made me smile. His films were a comfort even when friends and family could not be. They were also a revelation that the underdog matters too.

His films always conveyed the same message: that even if you are an outcast or weird, you can do anything. You could beat the bully and you do belong somewhere. I carry that lesson with me today when times get hard. His films also gave me some really beautiful memories of my family. I’ve never seen my mother laugh harder than when she would watch NATIONAL LAMPOONS VACATION. I always loved watching CADDYSHACK with my dad even if I didn’t get the dirty jokes. When I watch GHOSTBUSTERS now as an adult, I still feel like that same bright eyed kid. Not many things can channel that feeling.

I just hope Harold Ramis is knocking golf balls around with my dad in the big 18th hole in the sky. Thanks for the laughs Mr. Ramis, we’ll always have that goin’ for us, which is nice.

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