Friday, October 18, 2013


I want to keep this as short and sweet as possible. I watched GAVITY a couple weeks ago and I really enjoyed it. I also watched it in 35mm as opposed to 3D which I thought was gorgeous. I felt like posting a brief review since I’ve come across so much hate and shit talk about this captivating film. I had been looking forward to GRAVITY since I really admire and respect Alfonso Cuaron. I’ve been a fan since Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN. I really wanted to see how his passion for life and brilliant way of exuding deep emotions translated into space. I must say I was pleased.

Some negativity I found was in the inaccuracy of the film. It’s funny how I did not see anyone breaking apart the inaccuracy and atrocity of ARMAGEDDON. So why scrutinize GRAVITY? There’s a reason why the genre is called Science Fiction. So what Sandra Bullock’s hair did not float in space? I did not pay money to see a scientifically accurate film based around mumbo jumbo that I could give a shit about. I paid money to see a film that said something. Who fucking cares which way the debris was supposed to be rotating? If you’re that concerned about accuracy, you need to stay home and watch shuttle launches on PBS by yourself.

I honestly do not think this film is about space. It exists in a separate category from 2001 and MOON. This film is meant to highlight the fear and isolation one experiences when faced with imminent death. GRAVITY does an amazing job of capturing this idea. MOON & 2001 do a similar job, but they take it to a different direction. Bret Easton Ellis said,
“the basic story in any movie is always, again and again and again and again, about one thing: loneliness.”
It’s meant to unfold the triumph of the human spirit. It’s about making a choice to carry on and the will to live.

I’m not crazy about Bullock or Clooney, but their performances were really great. I read an article how Bullock and Cuaron discussed in great detail (and rehearsed) her character’s breathing patterns. The goal was to translate her emotions through breathing. Details like that are incredibly subtle yet extremely important. Yes, it seemed mundane that Clooney would be instructing Bullock (a trained & seasoned physician) on oxygen conservation. Let’s think about this realistically. How many people are going to remember every single bit of training WHEN THEY ARE FLOATING AROUND IN FUCKING SPACE?!?!

What I enjoyed most about GRAVITY is that it centered on a woman which is sadly something you do not see very often in space or Sci-Fi. It’s about a strong courageous woman who not only survives extreme circumstances, but discovers a new lease on life. GRAVITY is the ultimate survivor story and probably one of the most suspenseful films I’ve seen in years. I watch films that make me feel something and GRAVITY did just that. I came away feeling anxiety, fear, relief, and dazed. I generally find myself fighting on the same side as science, but in this case they got it wrong. GRAVITY is truly an interesting and entertaining film.

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  1. This is good to read. I might actually watch this film now. So, thank you!