Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So Long Old Friend

It's taken me a few weeks to talk about the atrocities that have been committed against me. The wounds are still fresh so bear with me.

Recently, I received a "Dear John" letter from T-Mobile letting me know that they were ending the relationship between me & my beloved Sidekick. Just like that, no discussion. Those of you who know me well, know my love for and dedication to the Sidekick. You also know how long I have used one. Aren't we all dependent on our phones? Anyhow, Danger (the company that hosts the Sidekick's data service) will discontinue the data service as of May 31st. The letter also stated that I need to back up my information because NOTHING WILL BE SAVED! The letter said I had the option to purchase a new Samsung phone (selected phones only) for up to half price. One can only imagine the outrage I was consumed with after reading this letter.

I know what most of you are thinking. Why not get an iphone? Well, let me tell you, I fucking hate iphones! I also hate AT&T. I cannot use anything that has a touchscreen. Also, I've heard of nothing but problems with iphones and AT&T. Just because Apple sent you a snazzy new case for you phone doesn't excuse the fact that no one could use the damn thing to make calls! A phone that cannot be used as phone is more ironic than a Chekhov play. Even now, I can tell when I'm conversing with someone who's on an iphone because it continues to cut out and I never hear the other person clearly. I could care less about that stupid face time crap.

Yes, I know the Sidekick is a dinosaur by other phone standards but it was MY lil' t-Rex. I love my Sidekick! It was the first phone with Internet capability. Sidekick and I really had a great run. Remember when we all used AIM? I love the keyboard; it has actually helped me type faster on a regular computer. I love the size of the screen and I love the data service. It may run slow here and there, but nowhere near as slow as an iphone loads during SXSW. Also, and this is the biggest feature: My data service was only $20 and included unlimited texting.

I immediately called T-Mobile to express my disdain once I heard of this travesty. Up until now, I never really had any problems with T-Mobile Customer Service. The customer service rep was not helpful at all, nor understanding. If I wanted to purchase another phone and set up a data plan with them, it would cost $30 more on top of my minutes plan. THEN if I wanted unlimited texts, it would be an additional $10 making it $40 total for what I already have at $20. When I pointed this out, the rep tried to explain it better in a roundabout way. Clearly, I am no fool! There's a huge difference between $40 and $20. She basically explained that new technology costs more. Call me technologically illiterate if you'd like but I don't give a shit how many Gs a network has or whatever fancy operating systems are out there. There is nothing this "new technology" can do for me that is worth $40. I don't play games on my phone or have a Facebook for that matter. All I really need it for is to occasionally check my twitter, look something up on IMDB, read the news, and find directions.

I'm mostly upset that I am being forced into paying more and getting less. I realize it will probably be like that with most phone companies, but why do we as consumers take it? Also, as a consumer I feel like I'm being taken advantage of. It just seems like a bigger opportunity for phone companies to raise prices. Remember when they used to charge for roaming? I know it sounds like I'm making a big deal about nothing (especially with a crisis in Japan), but there are few things in this world that I really cherish. My Sidekick is one of those little indulgences.

Now there is talk about this new 4G Android Sidekick coming out this spring (allegedly). T-Mobile refuses to give me a release date for it. Regardless, as of May 31st my trusted friend will cease to exist. What should I do? Should I wait for a new Kicker? Should I make the switch to another phone company? Should I try another phone? Should I start an aggressive hate campaign for T-Mobile? What would you do? Any advice or recommendations is appreciated dear readers!

Here is my criteria:

* Internet capability
* full keyboard (no Blackberry bullshit)
* full screen
* NO touch screen
* decent battery life (I hear these Droid phones die quickly)

Is that too much to ask?


  1. holy christ! I just yesterday lost even more hair, as I attempted to merely switch my internet service from AT&T to Time Warner. I always knew AT&T was ass, until I met the crack team down at TW. I've never seen two juggernauts more inept at carrying out the simplest requests. Long story short, I'm still stuck with molasses DSL because TW fucked up the install process so royally. I picture T-Mobile to not be an exception.
    Rest assured the "customer service rep" gives not a shit about your situation or their heartless company's responsibility for it. "Hey, let's have a worldwide corporation that everyone needs, then set up a team of unskilled, low paid, and unaccountable jerk-offs to represent us when our customer's call for help with our product." -every giant phone and ISP, ever. PS. "make sure the aforementioned staff is required to SELL our angry patrons more shit after not fixing the original problem. mmmm, hahahaha money money money! rub it on my face!"

    This blog post has touched my heart, as one feels alone in one's powerlessness.
    Although I can't offer any Sidekick alternatives as I reside in the dinosaur age with my phone("Now featuring a clock!").

    (deep breath)

  2. As a former Sidekick owner and AT&T hater, I have used an iPhone on T-Mobile for three years. Shit, I don't even bother with a plan, I just use it as prepaid which includes unlimited internet and data. You can pay anything from $30 up to $80 per month depending on what works for you. Or you can just take your normal sim card from T-Mobile and throw it into your iPhone. Glad to see you are loyal though... as I type this from my old Commodore named Joshua. SHALL WE PLAY A GAME?

  3. It really depends on you whether you want to buy a better phone or not. But if you're really loyal with your Sidekick, then you must stay loyal to it. We just have to understand that as time flies, the technology's getting more and more innovated. Therefore some phone rates must increase. But if you can't take it anymore, there are still better phones in town. You just have to find the one that is perfect for you.